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Racing Consultants – End of Sept 2020 Update

The horse racing in Britain returned on June 1st after being postponed to the Covid-19 pandemic during March.

Overall the first four months since the resumption have proven to be very fruitful and as a result Rory was in profit for the current campaign by +138.18 points at the end of Sept combined with a very commendable +27.72% ROI.

The daily bulletins which are generally sent out around 11 – 11.30am each morning detailing the day’s best bets covering the flat turf/AW and also the jumping action, along with a detailed write up that often provides thoughts on other runners beyond the selections.

Given the average stakes advised each day (4-8pts) we suggest a sensible 100pt betting bank should be set aside to cope with the ups and downs along the journey.


The Racing Consultants team

PS You can download our spreadsheet showing full results here

3 thoughts on “Results Update”

  1. This is my 2nd year as a subscriber, I joined because , interaction with Dave on twitter regarding Racing and Kajagoogoo, and benefited along the way from his podcast and other freebies, similar comments apply to Rory ,Big Orange at 25/1 , spencer from the front, benefitted me and Yorkshire Air ambulance.

    Having made profit from such freebies ,I felt it only fair to pay the piper so to speak. The clue is in the name Consultants, I back to £30 a point started at £5, how then in a losing year was i able to increase my stakes. Most subscribers were probably gamblers before joining ,so like a bet . Using Rory and Dave’s selections and combining them in multiples ,rfcs, combis and small stakes multiples,and following up on selections which were previous tips I had a profitable year.

    nothing worse than fancying one in a race just to have the pros put you off

    This month 40/1 winner as freebie , if you bothered to read the blog, if anything my only complaint is that the blog is not always available

    I just know Dave is going to pull another 10,000/1 L15 out the bag ,it included Sea Pigeon i recall ,as he did on his blog a few years ago and am looking forward to a wet ripon 1m 9000/1 tri cast

    Not the only arrow in my Quiver but a prized one , cheers Gentleman (ps already on the winner of the Scottish National or I’m sure we will be)

  2. I am sure that the Racing Consultants can easily defend themselves but what they cannot do is teach others how to bet. I have been betting and Trading for many years now and still find losses painful (even when I am well in front as I am with these guys). The hardest things to learn are the ability to lose and discipline. If you don’t know how to lose then you will NEVER win and the only way to win when you are with a service that has stood the test of time is discipline. Look at recent results, put a sensible bank to one side and consider it gone, then keep the faith (discipline) and everything else should fall into place. It won’t always but that is what the Bank is there for, to find out and give it the best chance………

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