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  1. Hi Kevin,

    not sure what you were seeing – Sound And Silence was never a selection, and not a race I’d even considered. Hope you’ve kept the faith since.


  2. Must admit. I am very impressed. 8/1 backed to 3/1 win today. Expected less because the non runner was on a rule 4 but not with b365.
    p.s. What a winner at the weekend.

  3. As someone who has a share in Horse in M Dods stable I was surprised you put up Trinity Star yesterday it’s quite well known that he need good or good to firm.
    Quite a few of his Handycapers were to high this year and Micheal has for a number of years after the Ayr Gold Cup meeting normally just run the majority of his horses to reduce there mark if he is keeping them.
    As I have been with you since July2014 and have no intention of leaving you I can stand poor runs because a good run may start today.
    All the Best

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